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Qapla’, technological platform developed with the aim to improve the customer experience by monitoring shipments of more than 40 national and international couriers, enabling them to communicate directly with the end customers and promptly warn of possible problems related to the shipment, has successfully completed a capital increase and entered into the companies of Nana Bianca,…

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Jacopo Marello Alessandro Sordi Paolo Barberis

A dream, a name and a domain .it

“N” like “Numbers”, fundamental aspects for business, “A” like “Asteroids”, startups that aspire to get in to the project, “C” like “Creativity”, essential to revolution in order to truly innovate. How many letters and how many concepts there are in one name!, firm that manages “the civil registry” of domains in Italy, has interviewed…

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SiamoSoci presents “Club Acceleratori”, in order to invest together with accelerators

On September 21, Nana Bianca will take part, with its startup, to the event organized by SiamoSoci called “Club Acceleratori“. During this event, the team of SiamoSoci will present  this new project, aimed at raising private funds for innovation. Club Acceleratori will have a Club Deal function where in the first round of investors will be the…

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Nana Bianca at Dmexco: here the latest news

Nana Bianca ends on Engage, online magazine dedicated to advertising communication and marketing, and its co-founder Alessandro Sordi describes the experience at Dmexco with two in-house startups, both specialized in digital advertising: Instal and Viralize Team of Instal and Viralize at Dmexco Here you can find Alessandro Sordi’s speech and read the full article.  

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IBM meets Nana Bianca: How Bluemix helps developers and startups in using cloud technology

IBM and Nana Bianca continue to collaborate together and this time they created an event dedicated to innovators, developers and startups. During the next event, which will be held on 17 September, Giuseppe Ravasi, Manager of Ecosystem Development of IBM, will present SoftLayer, “Infrastructure as a Service” by IBM. In addition to these services, Ravasi…

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Nana Bianca at Dmexco with Instal and Viralize

On 16 and 17 September Dmexco will take place in Cologne. The event is dedicated to digital economy and will host more than 800 exhibitors from abroad, among which some big player such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. “Bridging Words” is the motto chosen by organizers in order to create a connection between old business…

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Where startups grow: technology parks and accelerators

Where do innovative companies grow? Digital enterprises, definitely, find their best environment in scientific parks and startup accelerators. On 25 August, the newspaper “Sole 24 ore” takes stock of the situation, in order to highlight how ecosystem dedicated to startups gave life to rebirth of some areas, such as the north of Trieste and Florence.…

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The warm summer of VINO75

A fast-growing presence, supported by a constant grow of customers returns. This is the summer “dispatch” of VINO 75, the innovative online wine shop, dedicated to high quality wines, created and developed within the Florentine accelerator of Nana Bianca. “We expected to have a drop in orders with the advent of summer season, especially in…

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